Adorable Ferret Sticker

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Adorable Ferret Sticker

Isn't it just adorable? 
The Sticker is perfect for your car or other smooth surface. This sticker is a cute sable but Albino, DEW and Silver are coming soon. If you would like one of the other colours don't hesitate to contact us - we can make them but production time may take longer.

Included 1 x sable ferret sticker. 
Made in Victoria. Shipped within 3 days.
Premium Cut Outdoor Vinyl
Size: Approx 24 cm x 14 cm
Ideal for for car windows or other smooth flat surfaces, interior or exterior. Removable not reusable.
Sticker is a 5 layered design with Black, Brown, Cream, White & Pink making it is done by hand so there will be slight differences for each sticker.  
Sticker is in three parts: (a) Backing paper (b) Vinyl decal (c) Transfer tape
Application instructions are included with your order and are simple to follow.

We only use a premium grade polymeric sign-making vinyl that performs well in the harsh Australian environment. This product has stood the test of time in Australian conditions with up to 5 year durability.

*Visual mockup size in our images may not be indicative of actual size. 
**Stickers with small letters can be tricky to apply.