(NQR) Ferretgirl Clear Tunnel

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(NQR) Ferretgirl Clear Tunnel

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Ferretgirl currently has a number of the tunnels in stock that are Not Quite Right. They are shorter than the 6m or are a little less sturdy. If you want to get yourself a bargain they are available at half price. There is a chance they will unravel or be shorter than stated length. No Refunds or Returns on these tunnels. Zipties may be needed to re-join the spirals back together if they unravel.

 Ferretgirl's clear tunnel offers approximately 5 meters of see-through tunnel entertainment. Your ferrets will go crazy for this tunnel and you will too. While your ferrets have the time of their lives doing what they do best – tunnelling! You will be able to view all their antics. Multiple tunnels can be purchased for more fun. You can intertwine them or tie them in a knot. You can even use the tunnels to connect cages or dig boxes. Also use the tunnels to allow ferrets to safely reach the higher areas. This will give your ferrets more enrichment and endless hours of amusement for both you and your ferrets. Can also be used for Rats and Guinea pigs.

30cm expands to approximately 5 meters
10cm diameter.
Clear flexible PVC tube with wire spiral.


All toys should be monitored regularly for damage. All toys should only be used under supervision as animals can be rough on items and cause them to deteriorate. This can possibly lead to the toy becoming dangerous to the animal.

To clean your tunnels just use warm soapy water and a cloth. Wet the cloth and use to wipe the tunnel. Rinse tunnel well and allow to dry completely before using again.