About Ferretgirl

Hi there,

My name is Becca.
Here is a little about me.....
I have had an obsession for all things ferrets since I was little. Living in QLD meant I was never able to own one.
Since moving to Victoria I have been able to do this and would never look back! My first ferret was Petey. 1 year later we invited 2 little sisters Mack and Lewie into our family. 1 year later we invited another adult boy White into our fuzzbutt business. All 4 get along like a house on fire and provided endless hours of entertainment.
Working in the animal industry my whole working career I have always had a keen interest in providing the best enrichment and nutrition to my animals.
Since owning my fuzzbutts I have noticed the lack of anything ferret related in the normal mainstream shops. This is where Ferretgirl comes in. I am currently researching to find the products I would like to see available in Australia and I hope that you all will be as excited as me when they slowly start to roll in.
Ferretgirl is about ferrets and the things they need or simply the things you want to have.
Feel free to send me an email if you are looking for something in particular and I will endeavour to source and stock.
Becca @ Ferretgirl