Payment Options

Ferret Girl offers the following payment options at check-out.

Secure Credit Card Payments - This payment option is a safe, secure and simple way to pay for your order. Simply enter your c/c details and confirm. Once the payment is successful your order will be processed. 

PayPal Payments - This payment option allows you to Leave your card behind and use PayPal to pay for your order. Pay instantly with a linked card or bank account. ... Just link your bank account, debit or credit card and you’re ready to go. Once the payment is successful your order will be processed.

AfterPay - This payment option works like a loan, but with zero interest, no extra costs and a whole lot more. ... Afterpay is simple. When you buy something, simply select Afterpay as your payment method. You will be directed to the Afterpay page to set up your payment. Then you'll have eight weeks to pay the amount back in four installments, at no extra cost to you. Your order will be processed with in 48hrs so its buy now pay later.

Put It On LAY-BUY - How this payment option works. Select PUT IT ON LAY-BUY powered by PayPal at check out. This payment option charges a one time 1.9% administration fee. Confirm Order and select a down-payment % to pay today, and how many months you want to pay-off the balance. You will be taken to PayPal’s landing page to pay the the down-payment today with your PayPal a/c or credit card. PayPal then sets up the LAY-BUY payment plan. If you do not have a PayPal a/c, you can pay with your credit card today and a PayPal a/c is setup for the LAY-BUY payment plan payments. Your order will be placed and once the final installment of the payment plan is paid, the payment plan profile is cancelled in PayPal so no more monies are taken from your PayPal account. Your order will processed once the final payment has cleared. 

You can revise a LAY-BUY order at any time while the LAY-BUY is still within the payment plan, just contact us and we can assist you. This enables you to settle outstanding balance today via a ‘buy-now’ option or extend the term of the LAY-BUY via a ‘lay-buy’ option.

To cancel a Lay-Buy order at any time while the LAY-BUY is within the payment plan you just need to contact us. PayPal will refund you all monies paid to-date for the LAY-BUY, less the ‘cancellation fee’ that is stipulated in their T&Cs. The refund is done via PayPal.