Zippy Burrow - Spooky Gravestone

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Zippy Burrow - Spooky Gravestone

Interactive ferret toys are the fun way to keep your ferret busy and entertained!

Ferrets will have a fur-raising fun time digging out the batty inhabitants from the Halloween Burrow Spooky Gravestone!

The Burrow includes 3 toys inside the main burrow. Hide the toys inside the openings in the burrow and watch your pet find them. Ferrets love to search, stalk, and find the small "squeaky" prey, and that means so much play! You can even hide treats inside the burrow to make the game even more fun.


Comes with 3 squeaky toys
Keeps pets occupied and eliminates boredom
Provides hide-and-seek fun
Increases problem-solving skills
Holes are smaller than toys, making removal a challenge

Toy set includes: 1 Spooky Gravestone Burrow  and 3 Squeaky Batty Plush Toys

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